Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who is to blame?

Hi everybody. Hope everybody had a fun week. Wow. Let me start things off by saying I am not the biggest fan of someparts of the gun laws in the country. The proponents of gun laws in general argue that guns are used for self defense and other like reasons. Let me say the gun laws in this country are too "free" so to say. There has being a recent rise in widespread killings in the country and this makes people scared as hell. People came into the new year with high hopes and expectations but the hopes of these individuals have being cut short by certain individuals. This year alone, we have had like 3 large scale killings. This whole large scale killing started with Columbine shooting in which two young boys with an astounding collection of guns killed their fellow students and a couple of staff before killing themselves. Last year, we had the case of the South Korean man who went on a rampage in Virginia Tech and killed students as well as members of staff and ended up killing himself,a man went on a rampage in the NorthWestern University before taking his own life and just recently, a situation occurred in a Wendy's fast food joint in Florida in which a man killed people before taking his own life. Years back, I was watching Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore(one of the best documentaries I think I have ever watched). Whenever you all have time, I will encourage you to watch this movie and know how bad things really are in the country. How can a bank offer you a gun for opening an account with them? What has a gun got to do with an institution where money is kept? That is thecraziest thing I have ever heard. We have noticed a particular type of trend with all these killers: they all possessed a very wide variety of guns and they all ended up killing themselves. Who or what is to blame for the insanity that has being going on in the society for quite some time: the not so strict gun laws or the individuals themselves who commit these atrocities? This is a question I pose to everybody reading this posting.

PS: I am not putting the whole blame solely on the gun laws but I feel the laws should be made a bit stricter.