Friday, February 29, 2008

The Mitchell Report

The Mitchell Report: one of the most controversial documents ever released in sports. This report was basically the result of an investigation into the players who had used steroids at a particular time. When the report came out, there were complaints from corners concerning the fact that George Mitchell, the main person behind the whole thing, was in some way linked to the Boston Red Sox(the best baseball team in my opinion) and current World Series champions. Having names like the great Barry Bonds, the great Roger Clemens and other like players is just something that I still find incomprehensible. I tend to want to stand behind these players but who is a fan to believe, the well loved athlete or George Mitchell, the man some people have come to hate? Also, the issue that keep arising is the fact that the Congress keeps getting involved in the issues of baseball while they should be focusing on things more important. I chose this topic for my paper because it has a lot to do with rhetoric.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda Triangle(aka Devil's Triangle). I would have to say that the one thing that baffles me in this world today is the mystery behind the goings on at the Bermuda Triangle. Right from my days as a little kid, the issue of the Bermuda Triangle has always baffled me and it is still quite baffling till today. One the most memorable incidences tht occurred in the Bermuda Triangle was when a team of avenger bombers on a training mission, popularly known as Flight 19, vanished without a trace in 1945. There were also a host of other occurrences at the Bermuda Triangle including the dissaperance of pepole aboard the ship Mary Celeste and the disappearance of the battle ship USS Cyclops. I heard lots of crazy stories as a kid and these were the beleiefs I had until I became alittle bit older and started opening my mind to other theories. I will tell everybody one theory I heard as a little kid: The Bermuda Triangle is another world on its own in which aliens live and if planes or ships get to close to it, they would be sucked into the Bermuda Triangle and thet would be killed. That is one hell of a story and now that I think about it, that story sounds kinda silly but that was the belief that I had until I grew a bit older. Nobody has being able to come up with a convincing enough explanation to explain why both aircrafts and ships vanish without a trace. Basically, I am a big lover of science and a big beleiever in scientific explanations. So when scientists come up with their explanations about the things that that have being going on at the Bermuda Triangle, I would have to say that they have very reasonable theories as to why such things happen without making any reference to extraterrestrial activities(no disrespect to the people who attribute the goings on to extraterrestrial activities).
I do not know if people know a lot about the Bermuda Triangle, but after you have done a research about the Bermuda Triangle, do you believe the people saying the goings on are as a result of extraterrestials or do you belive the scientists who come up with scientific explanations? That is a simple question I pose to you all.
Have a good weekend.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Kenya, a country located in the eastern part of Africa. A country known for its historical landmark, Mount Kenya and its activities in sports such as long distance running(in which they sweep a lot of gold medals at athletic events), rugby and soccer. Kenya is not a country known for fighting or any other such things but recently the country has being thrown into turmoil as a result of the recent elections that just took place. The opposition parties disagreed with the results of the recent election and as a result, there has being a lot of fighting in the once peaceful nation. To show how bad things were in Kenya, CNN showed a little video clip to viewers taken by a freelance journalist, who was scared as hell while shooting the whole thing that was happening and I will narrate the contents of the video in detail and it goes thus: A man on the run(to viewers, he was running for no apparent reason, but he was really trying to run away from the bloodshed behind him) is spotted by another man wielding a machete. The man with the machete pulls the innocent man from his hiding place, and he calls his other friends, they themselves wielding machete, to where the innocent man was. What was to follow was simply shocking and sickening to the stomach. The machete wielding men proceeded to hack this innocent man to death. CNN could not show the rest of the clip because it was just too gruesome to be broadcast on TV. What I saw got me thinking about how human beings would act like this towards each other. The most annoying thing about this whole story is the fact that this same opposition leaders kept encouraging their supporters in doing what they were doing, rather that telling them to stop killing and stop the bloodshed. The images posted above just goes onn to show how bad things are in Kenya. This bloodshed has led to a loss of thousands of innocent lives. Things are getting quiet as of recent thanks in part to other countries getting a whole lot more involved in everything that has being going on in Kenya.
Being where I am from, and knowing how bad things can really get, I would have to express my joy at the fact that things in this once volatile country are getting back to normal.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cruelty in this World


In this day and age, it is amazing to see that people still act like barbarians. It is so amazing when I hear some things going on in the world today. Just recently, we heard about Youssif, the 5year old Iraqi boy who was set ablaze by some men in Iraq. Such stories are stories you think will never happen in this precious world of ours.
Young Youssif was playing outside his house when he was doused with gas and set on fire. What would make anybody in his right frame of mind set a young, innocent boy on fire?Looking at a picture of the boy just before he was set on fire and pictures after, one will almost be moved to tears. If not for kind hearted people around, this boy who was born with no deformity whatsoever would have to live the rest of his life with the terrible scars of this callous act. I would have to commend the nongovernmental organization Children's Burn Foundation which paid for the family's trip to America and is also footing the bills of the operation. Also, not to forget the brilliant medical staff who took part in the complicated medical procedure.
A food for thought: Let us all live in peace with one another and not act callous towards one another. Let us not hold grudges toward one another.