Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Mitchell Report as a rhetorical situation

Happy viewing. This is the video I was unable to present in class.

If you all watch the video, you will notice that some effects were used for the first set of pictures. I used this to show everybody that these athletes were held in high esteem and well admired by children and adults alike. After George Mitchell came into the whole picture and released the Mitchell report, the face of the game would change forever. As a result of the Mitchell Report, the way in which baseball stars were viewed would change forever. The most important factor in changing the minds of people forever was the media. In the above video, we can see the various pictures used by the media and it is safe to say that these pictures have an effect on the way of thinking of fans. In all, the change occurs after the Mitchell REport is released and there is achange in the way athletes were viewed. I would have preferred presenting it in class but I hope I have been able to explain to everybody in clear words.If you all don't understand, just let me know.

Study well and good luck in your finals.